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Putting the Pieces Together for Excellence in Education

There may come times when you need someone to help you explore new ideas and solve problems.  The puzzle can be confusing.  We can help.

Welcome to Educational Coaching for Excellence

We are here to help you solve educational issues for your site and district.  More than that, we offer support for new teachers and administrators and for your aspiring administrators.

Our team offers a wide range of experienced educators who can support you in analyzing issues, address requirements from state and federal mandates, design effective action plans, use appropriate assessments effectively to assess student progress. We assist administration in providing practical and usable staff development that will impact student progress. We support administrators and staff in planning, identifying underlying issues, and designing problem solving protocols. 

We have experts in supporting high schools through accreditation.  We can assist in helping the school provide accurate information in its report and coach staff through the self study process.  We have experts who can guide action planning and assessment based on student results. 

We provide coaching for administrators who wish to build their skills required for reaching their career goals.  We provide coaching for new teachers to meet the expectations of quality instruction and still allow them their creativity and instructional freedom allowing students to meet mandated standards.

Let us know what support you are seeking and we will discuss if we can provide that support.

Contact us by filling out the contact form.  You will receive a reply within 48 hours.